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Therapy needed more often after childbirth then abortion

New research indicates women are more likely to require a first-time visit with a therapist after giving birth than they are after having an abortion.

Study: Hospitals falling short at keeping patients safe

A new report indicates that despite all the efforts into reducing medical errors and improving patient safety, we’ve made no progress.

Study: Expanded tele-care programs can save more money

Expanding telephone-based care management programs to larger groups of patients can lower total health care costs.

Just what does a doctor do all day?

Patients love to gripe about wait times, but a new report shows just how much goes on “behind the scenes” at the typical small practice. 

Why do clinicians downgrade patient complaints about meds?

Doctors probably don’t want to hear it, but when it comes to some things — like symptom reporting — patients know best.

Some ‘vegetative’ patients may be aware of surroundings

A new report raises significant questions about the awareness of vegetative patients — and ethical questions regarding their treatment.

Lowering post-op mortality — the surprising key

New research indicates that when it comes to reducing patient mortality, how well post-op complications are managed is just as important as preventing complications in the first place.