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Leapfrog Group announces 2018 Top Hospitals: Lessons you can learn

The results are in: The Leapfrog Group has just announced its Top Hospitals for 2018 – and you may want to take note of the qualities that set these facilities apart from the pack. 

Make zero ‘never events’ your hospital’s goal

“Never events” received their name because they’re serious adverse events that should never happen – they’re 100% preventable. Problem is, they do happen and with alarming frequency. And despite mandatory reporting, only about half the states comply, and what they report varies due to flawed measurement processes. So how can hospitals improve?

Prevent patient identification errors

Sometimes, hospital staff confuse two patients for one another, or pull the wrong chart for a patient due to similar sounding names or illnesses. These patient identification errors can cause serious harm, and they’re more common in hospitals than they should be. 

No excuses: 5 keys to reducing medical errors in hospitals

Many medical errors are preventable. But hospitals continue to have trouble with keeping them from harming patients. To make real progress toward reducing errors and never events, facilities must be committed to making significant changes. 

Avoid ‘never events’ in surgery: 4 areas to watch

New research provides insight into why many surgical “never events” occur – which should arm hospitals with the information they need to prevent them. 

Patient falls: How to prevent them

A new study in the Journal of Patient Safety says that the number of medical mistakes that lead to a hospital patient’s death is much higher than previously thought. Now, it’s estimated that between 210,000 and 440,000 hospital patients suffer some type of preventable harm that contributes to their death — one of them being […] [MORE]

Hospitals battle high rates of surgical ‘never events’

When it comes to “never events” during surgery, there’s plenty of room for improvement in hospital performance. According to a Johns Hopkins analysis of malpractice claims of hospitals from across the nation, preventable surgical mistakes are happening way too often.