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10 ways to stop ransomware attacks

Protecting your hospital’s machines from ransomware attacks is of utmost importance. Hackers are targeting healthcare facilities of all types and sizes with their malicious software programs, and IT experts say the trend will continue. 

10 best practices to secure healthcare data

Data breaches in health care come in a variety of forms. They can include cases in which criminal hackers steal protected health information to commit medical identity theft, or instances when an employee views the records of one patient without authorization. 

Survey: Most organizations invest in the wrong security tools

For most healthcare providers, the budget for IT security is tight, so it’s critical to make sure those dollars are being spent on the right tools. However, that’s not often what happens, according to one recent survey. 

Kentucky hospitals improve patient care, reduce costs

The majority of hospital executives are trying to figure out how their facilities can improve patient care while keeping costs down. In Kentucky, 100 hospitals have joined together to address these issues.

Report: Health organizations need IT upgrades

Healthcare organizations are implementing a lot of valuable technology – but they don’t always have the IT infrastructure in place to help caregivers get the most out of those systems.