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Good news: When readmissions decrease, fewer people die

Because of the growing focus on readmissions, many healthcare experts were worried that other areas could be negatively affected by the push to keep people out of the hospital – specifically, mortality rates. However, new research offers good news on this front. 

Surgical checklists reduce death rates in South Carolina

Surgical checklists can be helpful. They allow the surgery team to streamline processes and make sure critical steps weren’t missed during the procedure. New research offers proof that these checklists are not only beneficial for surgeons – they also save lives. 

Hospital sees more deaths, longer stays after telehealth program

Many healthcare providers have been adopting telehealth programs with great results for both the organization and its patients. But that doesn’t mean all hospitals are having the same experience. 

Study: Facebook ‘likes’ an indicator of care quality, patient satisfaction

Hospitals looking for a quick way to gauge the quality of their care may look no further than their Facebook pages.

Mortality rates and readmission rates: Is there a link?

Any hospital executive on this earth wants his or her hospital to have lower mortality rates, and lower readmission rates. However, researchers are wondering if that is even possible. They’ve raised concerns that lower mortality rates actually may be linked to higher readmission rates. And that interventions that improve morality rates might increase readmission rates, […] [MORE]