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FDA releases rules on mobile health apps

As mobile health apps have become more popular, some tools have appeared that could do more harm than good for patients. But now there’s some good news: The Food and Drug Administration has created guidelines for apps to help keep patients safe. 

Warning for patients: Look out for bogus mobile health apps

Many patients are using mobile health apps to take greater control of their own care and improve their health. But unfortunately, a lot of them may be duped by app developers selling 21st-century snake oil. 

Survey: Patients using mobile devices to manage their own health

Patients are becoming more eager to manage their own health care – and smartphones and tablets are giving them valuable tools they can use to do that. 

3 steps for deploying tablets in health care

iPads and other tablets are becoming commonplace in healthcare, with many hospitals and medical schools providing tablets for doctors, nurses and students, often with results that show the benefits of those mobile gadgets. 

Need to conduct a security risk assessment? There’s an app for that

For healthcare organizations, an important step in staying secure and compliant with privacy regulations is knowing exactly what risks the organization’s data might face. 

Study: Mobile apps improve diabetes care

The increase in the use of smartphones and other mobile devices by patients and the implementation of electronic health record systems by providers has given doctors new ways to improve their patient care.