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FBI gives 5 ways to protect IoT devices from hackers

Before using Internet-connected devices on a regular basis, hospital leaders need to ask themselves if the benefits are worth the risk to patients’ data. 

Barriers to leveraging mHealth, telemedicine effectively

New health IT promises hospitals and providers a lot of benefits, but if they don’t understand the different barriers to implementing the technology, hospitals won’t see a solid return on investment. 

mHealth offers population health benefits — and pitfalls

Advances in mobile health technology are giving providers new tools to track patients’ symptoms and improve care — but experts warn mHealth comes with its own kind of pitfalls. 

How hospitals are using open notes and mhealth to improve outcomes

Hospitals and physicians struggling to get patients engaged in their health care may want to consider two tools which are seeing positive results — mHealth interventions with care partners and open documentation. 

How mHealth can help improve chronic care

Mobile apps, wearables and other mobile health (mHealth) devices are the newest IT trend to hit the industry. And two studies show hospitals why it may be time to add more mHealth into their operations. 

3 mobile health trends your hospital should look into

More hospitals are looking at mobile health technology to improve their operations and get patients involved with their health care. Here’s what you need to know about the latest trends in mobile health (mHealth) technology.