Healthcare News & Insights

Was nurse fired over her union organizing or poor performance?

A Boston hospital system has been accused of illegally firing a nurse who was trying to organize a union at her hospital. 

EHR upgrades can lead to more prescribing errors

A new study indicates upgrading your EHR system can actually lead to an increase in certain kinds of mistakes.

Removing blame increases error reporting

New research indicates that certain ways of tracking medical error reports are more successful at encouraging people to make reports.

Hospital commended after admitting to role in patient’s death

Admitting a mistake isn’t easy for anyone, but more hospitals are finding real benefits from taking a more up-front approach to discussing their own errors.

More proof: New residents are killing your patients

Recent research lends credence to the belief that the influx of new residents each summer increases the risk to patients.

Why are hospitals making more errors now?

Despite hospitals’ best efforts, the data indicates that some of the most serious adverse events patients can face are becoming more common, not less.

Updated sentinel event stats for ’09

Here’s the latest data on the 10 most frequently reported sentinel events as tracked by JCAHO.