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Hospital wants to be first legal medical marijuana dispensary

Medical marijuana can ease pain, and relieve nausea and anxiety in cancer patients, calm uncontrollable leg spasms in multiple sclerosis patients and so much more. However, most hospitals won’t even considering dispensing it. 

Feds start medical marijuana crackdown in California

Medical marijuana dispensaries face property seizure and prison time if the feds follow through on their threat to shut down state dispensaries.

Dad hides toddler’s medical marijuana from doctor

A Montana father slipped his 2-year-old son cannabis oil — behind the doctor’s back — as part of his cancer treatment. Good idea or bad?

Los Angeles clamps down on medical pot

Buying medical marijuana just got a lot harder in southern California. It’s part of Los Angeles’ city-wide crackdown on suspect dispensaries.

Feds not friendly toward pot research

Whether or not you’re in favor of wider legalization of medical marijuana, few would argue against more research into potential medical uses for derivatives of the plant. But the feds won’t allow it.

Medical marijuana is….like….complicated

In states that allow the use of medical marijuana, there are new questions about how well some doctors and pharmacies make sure that only patients with serious medical issues get  prescriptions.

Are medical marijuana restrictions easing?

A recent announcement by the Attorney General has some experts theorizing that the Obama administration will eventually legalize medical marijuana at the federal level.