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‘Hospital Safety Scores’ updated: What’s your grade?

  Kids who don’t get good grades in school probably aren’t very excited at report card time. The same holds true for hospitals now that the “Hospital Safety Scores” have been updated. When they were originally introduced back in June, hospitals that received grades of “Ds” and “Fs” weren’t identified — no such luck this […] [MORE]

More than half of health care workers are afraid to blow the whistle on safety issues

Don’t assume employees feel safe reporting safety errors as required: New research shows more than half of health care workers worry that honest reporting will come back to haunt them personally.

14 hospitals rack up $850k in fines for dangerous errors

California recently fined 14 hospitals a total of $850,000 for a variety of errors that put patients at risk. 

Error-free hospitals: Are you kidding?

Public health officials in one state are investigating 87 hospitals which haven’t filed a single report of a medical error in the past three years.

Study: Hospitals falling short at keeping patients safe

A new report indicates that despite all the efforts into reducing medical errors and improving patient safety, we’ve made no progress.

AHA comes out against OSHA setting resident work hours

The American Hospital Association says the feds shouldn’t be in the business of regulating medical residents’ hours.

Wrong-site errors: Why do they still happen so often?

Despite hospitals’ best efforts, wrong-site errors still happen far more often than anyone would like. New research sheds light on the root causes.

Want to reduce errors? Have staffers act like pilots

New research shows how techniques that reduce medical errors can be cribbed from other safety-critical industries.

No. 1 way to prevent malpractice suits

Medical errors and malpractice suits go hand in hand — but not in the way most folks think they do.

Public wants limits on medical liability lawsuits

Docs and hospitals aren’t alone in wanting to put the brakes on frivolous medical liability lawsuits. The idea has solid support from patients, too.