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Top 10 hospital technology hazards for 2017

Health technology continues to get more advanced. And while this can improve patient care, it also opens up hospitals to a new set of dangers they may not have imagined before. What should your facility have its eyes on for 2017? To give facilities guidance, the ECRI Institute has issued its annual list of top […] [MORE]

Prevent patient identification errors

Sometimes, hospital staff confuse two patients for one another, or pull the wrong chart for a patient due to similar sounding names or illnesses. These patient identification errors can cause serious harm, and they’re more common in hospitals than they should be. 

EHRs don’t always catch medication errors: How to respond

Medication errors can cause serious harm to patients – and even death. Many hospitals try to prevent them with the use of electronic health records (EHR) systems that flag providers if issues arise. But these methods are far from foolproof, according to a new report. 

Are your staffers afraid to report errors?

Pop quiz time: If an employee spots a medical error, what is he/she most likely to do? Report it right away. Keep it to him/herself. It depends on the kind of policy your facility has on reporting safety/medical error incidents.

Removing blame increases error reporting

New research indicates that certain ways of tracking medical error reports are more successful at encouraging people to make reports.

Are 90% of medical errors unreported?

New research indicates medical errors may happen 10 times as often as was once believed.

‘If I don’t get a break, someone could die’

A nurses’ group just filed lawsuits against four hospitals, claiming their practices of cutting nurses’ breaks short are endangering nurses and patients.

Which docs gets sued most often — and what’s the real cost?

A new study from the American Medical Association looked into which doctors — by gender, age, specialty, etc. — are most likely to get sued or have other liability claims against them.

Doc claims outdated equipment led to wrongly diagnosing a miscarriage

What’s the worst that could happen from using old equipment? Well, for starters, it might mean telling someone she miscarried when she hadn’t. 

Why are hospitals making more errors now?

Despite hospitals’ best efforts, the data indicates that some of the most serious adverse events patients can face are becoming more common, not less.