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3 ways to update power delivery in healthcare facilities

As hospitals age, they must find safe and cost-effective ways of keeping up with the digital needs of providing care. In this guest post, Cliff Weinstein, CEO and president of a company that provides power and charging solutions, offers advice on three areas where facilities can make charging technology improvements.

Hospitals wasting millions due to unused supplies

Managing supplies effectively is critical to avoiding waste in hospitals. Unfortunately, many facilities aren’t tracking their medical supplies as closely as they should be, and that’s created a huge surplus of medical goods that often go unused. 

Newest cyber security threat — your current medical equipment

Cyber threats to your hospital may not just be from computers. New research shows that most of your medical devices could be vulnerable to hackers. 

Doc and cronies get jail time for Medicare fraud

Three men have been sentenced to 2-3 years in prison each for their part in a Medicare fraud scam.

OIG: Less than half of states ready for the pandemic — is yours?

Perhaps you can never be 100% prepared for a massive health emergency. But a new OIG report indicates that many states and localities are falling well short of the mark in getting ready for a potential flu pandemic.