Healthcare News & Insights

Boston hospital announces first ever full face transplant

Brigham and Women’s Hospital of Boston has announced another medical milestone: The nation’s first full-face transplant.

Re-admissions and race

African-American patients and those using Medicaid have a much greater chance of being re-admitted to a hospital within a month of their discharge. 

Parents with insurance forego kids’ care due to cost

Even with health insurance, many parents are finding health care for their kids too expensive — and are going without.

Study: Docs who own facilities treat patients differently

Whether or not you need knee surgery may depend on if your surgeon has an ownership stake in the local surgical center.

Medical records used to ‘out’ illegal immigrants

Tension in Utah over a proposed immigration law may have led to a gigantic misuse of resident’s medical information.

Hospitals’ residency program investigated for false claims

The feds are investigating whether two Dallas hospitals committed fraud in billing for procedures performed by their residents.

68 deaths later, doc on trial for writing bad prescriptions

Most doctors would re-examine their protocols for writing prescriptions after a few dozen patients overdosed. Not Dr. Stephen Schneider.

Cancer costs double in 20 years; some payers feel more pain than others

It’s not news that cancer costs have increased dramatically in the past 20 years. But who’s paying more — and why — might surprise you.

Expanded medical rights for same-sex partners

President Obama has ordered the Department of Health and Human Services to issue new rules that would grant more rights to same-sex partners when one is hospitalized.

The other side of health reform: Increased wellness initiatives

Largely unnoticed in the run-up to the recent passage of the health reform law, President Obama also has his sights on improving programs focused on disease prevention and general wellness.