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Medicare and Medicaid cuts: Maryland proposes unique hospital payment system

With the proposed Medicare and Medicaid cuts coming down the line, wouldn’t it be nice if you could get that revenue back from somewhere else? That’s just what the Maryland Hospital Association is trying to do.

Medicaid: States cutting hospital funding to balance budgets

As part of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, Medicaid will be covering 17 million more people. But at the same time, states are moving to cut Medicaid so they can balance their budgets. And part of those cuts include reducing hospital funding.

State Medicaid agency settles HIPAA case for big bucks

Want to save your hospital a ton of money? Make sure your facility has the best possible policies and procedures in place to safeguard electronic protected health information (ePHI). Alaska’s Medicaid agency is wishing it had.

Employee stole data on 230,000 Medicaid recipients

Just a few weeks after a massive data breach affecting hundreds of thousands of people in Utah’s Medicaid system, a breach in another state’s Medicaid office has been discovered. Both incidents highlight the threats negligent and malicious employees can pose to patients’ data security. 

Hospital group goes to court over Medicaid cuts

An Arizona hospital group has filed suit to block the reduction in reimbursement rates for Medicaid patients.

Insurance won’t cover surgery for 100-pound scrotum

A Las Vegas man is fundraising the estimated $1M he needs for surgery to repair his enlarged scrotum.

Disabled vet blows lid off multi-million dollar Medicaid fraud

For his efforts uncovering a Medicaid fraud that the government couldn’t, the veteran pocketed a $15 million whistle blower payout.

Hospital hit with $3.8M fine for fraud

Ohio Valley Health Services and Education Corp. has agreed to pay $3.8 million in fines to settle allegations of Medicare and Medicaid fraud.

Two docs indicted for fraud & over-prescribing patients to death

Two doctors face potential life sentences for charges they defrauded multiple health plans and over-prescribed narcotics which led to four patient deaths.

Dentists less likely to see Medicaid patients in an emergency

A recent study found that even dentists enrolled as providers in the Illinois Medicaid program were less likely to fit in an emergency appointment than they were for a patient with private insurance.