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Feds approve one state’s plan to promote value-based hospital care

Changes to one state’s successful healthcare cost-cutting initiative that promote value-based care have officially gotten approval from the feds. In addition, the new system is being looked at as the future payment model for the nation’s hospitals.

Why did hospital deny gay spouse visitation rights?

A Maryland hospital is under fire after a patient and her family alleged that the hospital wouldn’t allow her same-sex partner to visit her.

Congress to investigate drug price gouging claims

Rep. Elijah E. Cummings of Maryland has started the ball rolling for a Congressional investigation into allegations of companies price-gouging hospitals in the wake of nationwide shortages of key drugs. 

Podiatrist nabbed for fraud after billing double amputee

A Maryland podiatrist has pleaded guilty to fraud and identity theft after billing over $1M in false Medicare charges for providing services to a patient with no feet — and after he had already been banned from federal health programs. 

Police: Hospital employee murdered by co-worker

A hospital supervisor was robbed and stabbed more than 70 times by one of his employees, according to police. The suspect’s violent past wasn’t uncovered during his pre-employment checks.

Did doc do unneeded procedures for a free pig roast?

A doctor who’s been accused of implanting hundreds of unnecessary stents received millions in cash and other incentives from a stent manufacturer.

101 patients file suit against doc, hospital for unnecessary stents

A doctor stands accused of performing unneeded, invasive heart procedures on patients — and now the patients are fighting back.

Patient: I was beaten for leaving hospital

If this story is true, one hospital needs to undertake some serious retraining of its security staff.

Which states are best, worst for disciplining docs?

Public Citizen’s Health Research Group has released its annual report of which states do the best — and worst — job of disciplining doctors who practice bad medicine.

Fraud watch: 300+ unneeded stents implanted by one doc

So far, at least 369 patients of one hospital have learned they didn’t need the stents their cardiologist implanted.