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Business strategies: Taking advantage of all social media has to offer

Nowadays, nearly everyone uses social media in some way. But did you know it’s a great way to market your facility or practice? If you really want to take advantage of all social media has to offer, look beyond its marketing capabilities and think of it more as a business strategy.

Older patients want online tools, too

We’ve discussed before how patients are relying more on online resources to find information about conditions and treatments, providers and other healthcare issues. And a new survey shows the use of the Internet is growing even among unexpected demographics. 

2 keys for hospital websites that reach patients

Hospitals that want to attract new patients will need to pay more attention to their websites, as that’s increasingly becoming the way people find healthcare providers. Here are two rules hospitals should keep in mind, according to research from one marketing agency. 

Most doctors monitor their online reviews, survey says

While many physicians think it doesn’t matter what’s being said about them online, patients are increasingly relying on online doctor reviews to make decisions about their care. Is your organization doing anything to manage doctors’ online reputations? 

Healthcare sites are difficult for patients to understand, study says

New research says that many hospitals’ websites likely make little sense to the average patient. 

Using social media effectively in health care: A 5-step plan

A lot has been written about the benefits of social media for patients. But how can healthcare providers benefit from social networking sites, and how can they tap into that potential? 

Social media offers hospitals great business strategy

Social media has a lot more to offer your hospital than just being a great marketing tool. Hospitals who are using social media to get everything they can out of it see it more as a business strategy, than just a marketing tool. And they are reaping the benefits of this new strategic thinking.

Report: Providers missing out on social media benefits

Many healthcare firms are using social media and have had positive experiences – but they could be doing more, according to a new report. 

5 ways for healthcare organizations to get the most out of social media

People increasingly turn to social networks to research health issues, and healthcare organizations that don’t use those tools may be missing valuable opportunities to engage with patients and attract new ones. 

Study: Healthcare provider websites need improvement

Most patients use the Internet to look for health information. And that means healthcare providers’ websites need to be better than they are now, according to one recent study.