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Everything you need to know about Orangeworm – A new criminal group making the rounds in healthcare

Hospitals are no stranger to malware and ransomware attacks. From WannaCry’s impact on National Health Services to the myriad data breaches we’ve seen over the past decade, the health sector is a constant target. In this guest post, Max Emelianov, CEO of a web hosting company, tells you about a new attack group that has […] [MORE]

Study: Antivirus software ineffective against many examples of malware

Many healthcare organizations likely use antivirus software to protect their networks from cyberthreats. But some studies warn that antivirus applications probably aren’t effective enough to rely on. 

Top 3 targets of cyber attacks in health care

Health care organizations are frequently hit in cyber attacks. However, criminals may not be targeting the systems and data that health IT pros use most of their resources to protect. 

Viruses attacking medical devices are rampant, warns government panel

Many medical devices run computer software, and therefore are vulnerable to the same malware attacks as other computing devices. And the threat to patient safety is rapidly growing, said participants in a recent government panel. 

USB drives create new security risks for healthcare providers

USB thumb drives offer a convenient way to transport documents between offices or move data between work and home. But healthcare providers should take steps to minimize the security risks created by those portable drives.