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How EHRs increase malpractice risk

There’s a huge push to move more practices to electronic health records. But does doing so put a practice at greater risk of a malpractice suit?

Case study: Tort reform doesn’t lower medical costs

Critics of the recent health reform bills say it missed a key opportunity by failing to include tort reform measures. But a look at a state that has implemented tort reform shows that those measures don’t make much of a dent.

Can paper clips qualify as medical devices?

Clinicians have some room for creatively using approved medical tools to meet patients’ needs. But one dentist took that freedom too far.

Nurses with knives? Dangerous staffers with clean records

You assume the new staffer who just passed a background check has a clean record. A recent investigation shows that’s just not the case.

Malpractice payouts reach new low

The number of doctors’ malpractice payments made in 2009 dropped for the fifth consecutive year.

More than 1 in 4 health care dollars spent on defensive medicine

Coders may need to add a “CYA” category to account for procedures doctors order solely to prevent frivolous lawsuits — if you believe a recent survey of physicians.

Whistleblower nurse acquitted of charges

Anne Mitchell, the Texas nurse who faced criminal charges after reporting a physician for malpractice, has been acquitted of all charges. But that’s not the end of the legal wrangling.

Nurse faces 10 years in prison for reporting doc’s malpractice

A nurse who reported a doctor’s unorthodox-at-best techniques now finds herself facing criminal charges of misusing official information.

Do your worst-case-scenario plans go far enough?

Could your hospital keep running in the most dire of circumstances, such as 10 feet of floodwater in your city? Several lawsuits are claiming it should.

No. 1 way to prevent malpractice suits

Medical errors and malpractice suits go hand in hand — but not in the way most folks think they do.