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Study: Mediation can reduce malpractice costs, speed resolution

Here’s more proof that mediation can make malpractice cases get resolved faster, and cost health care providers less to defend against.

Top 10 health care stories of ’10

Here are the top 10 most read and discussed stories on for 2010.

Malpractice rules driving new docs from this state

New research proves it: A hostile enough malpractice environment can drive doctors away and impact patient care.

How far can you trust your pharma-rep doc?

A new investigation shows that doctors drug companies hire as speakers and advisers aren’t always the best and the brightest in their fields. Some of them are outright criminals.

Malpractice suits against hospitals are on the rise

After several years of claims frequency dropping, the past few years have shown a steady uptick in cases brought against hospitals.

Woman sues after two years of treatment for non-existent cancer

Learning you don’t have cancer is usually good news — but after two years of tortuous treatment for a disease she didn’t have, this patient is suing for big money. 

Study: Defensive medicine costs less than thought

Which docs gets sued most often — and what’s the real cost?

A new study from the American Medical Association looked into which doctors — by gender, age, specialty, etc. — are most likely to get sued or have other liability claims against them.

Malpractice: There’s an app for that?

Some of the simplest technological tools can open the door to significant malpractice claims.

Study: 36% of docs won’t report an incompetent colleague

Bad news for those who assumed impaired and incompetent physicians would be reported by their peers.