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Your surgeon was up all night — does informed consent require you know that?

An article in The New England Journal of Medicine raises an ethical question: How much information — and how often — must a patient be given to ensure they’ve given truly informed consent?

AHA comes out against OSHA setting resident work hours

The American Hospital Association says the feds shouldn’t be in the business of regulating medical residents’ hours.

Study: Shorter hours hurt resident training

Despite claims that shortening residents’ hours would improve both their training and patient care, a recent study suggests the opposite is true.

Family practice docs spending more time per patient: Pros and cons

New research shows family practice doctors have been seeing adult patients more often, and spending more time per patient visit. So what’s the outcome of all those extra hours?

Can long hours cause death from overwork?

Every health exec has fielded complaints about too-long shifts from staffers.