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Drugmakers say hospitals making money off drug pricing program

Drug manufacturers are accusing hospitals that get steep discounts through a federal drug-pricing program of pocketing the savings to buy-up clinics, pay more staff and fund other projects rather than using it for patient care. 

Nurse gets life in prison for bleach-injection deaths

A Texas nurse was sentenced to life in prison after being found guilty of killing five of her patients with bleach injections.

Health pro faces charges after posting patient photo on Facebook

Apparently some employees need a reminder: Don’t post photos of your patients’ genitals on Facebook.

Nurse faces death penalty: Did she inject patients with bleach?

A nurse is accused of killing five of her patients by injecting bleach into their dialysis tubes.

Feds charge Texas doc with $375M Medicare fraud

The feds have filed charges alleging a Texas doctor perpetrated the largest health care fraud in U.S. history.

Outrageous! Paramedics make dying man’s wife hitchhike to hospital

A patient’s wife claims the couple was treated outrageously after her husband suffered a fatal ski accident.

Don’t miss these 10 most popular stories of 2011

From hard-to-believe HIPAA violations to dogs performing medical tests, here are the top 10 most popular stories on HealthExecNews from 2011:

Doc wins $7.6M in discrimination case

A pathologist was awarded $7.6 million from a federal jury in her suit alleging racial and gender discrimination by her employer.

Emergency room shooting leaves nurse, guard injured

A shooting at a hospital emergency room waiting area left a nurse and security guard injured.

Latest horror in nursing homes raises questions about regulation

Two nursing homes are under investigation after some residents were found in horrific conditions.