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Avoid these 5 leading pitfalls of program management

Program managers are the orchestra conductors of business: Leading sizable yet finite resources through several complex and changing passages to achieve a set goal. Both roles also make a greater difference to the final results than many people might think. In this guest post, Zaida Aronovsky and Samir Panchal, consultants for a healthcare management consulting […] [MORE]

Hurricanes and health care: 4 ways disaster preparedness can minimize devastating results

Hurricanes are devastating to communities. That’s why hospitals must be prepared for such natural disasters to minimize damages and take care of their current patients and the people affected by the hurricanes. In this guest post, Scott Cormier, VP of emergency management, environment of care and safety at a company that’s dedicated to improving the […] [MORE]

How to develop succession programs and leave your hospital in good hands

Hospital execs know it pays to have one foot in the future by having succession programs to develop new leaders. But how do you develop a program to get past all those bumps that come with leadership transition? 

3 proven strategies shared by ‘America’s Best Hospitals’

The challenges of running a hospital are mind boggling. Providing quality care on top of all the chaos is an even greater feat. But some hospitals actually manage to tame the chaos and rise to the top landing a spot on Healthgrades “America’s Best Hospitals” list. 

Patient experience: New buzzword or top-priority for hospitals?

  As a hospital executive, you’ve probably heard the words “patient experience” so much over the past few years that it’s now a regular part of your everyday vocabulary. So you know the push for improving patient experiences isn’t just a passing fad, but rather a hospital priority that’s being tied to performance reviews and […] [MORE]