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Law & order: Keys to avoiding legal trouble at your facility

A lawsuit is one of the worst challenges a hospital can face. Although malpractice suits are often filed against specific providers, your facility may still be at risk of legal trouble – but there are ways to decrease that risk. 

First-ever ‘reverse false claims’ lawsuit closes: Court says …

A high-profile False Claims Act (FCA) lawsuit has finally come to a close — and the decision will set a higher bar for FCA compliance in the future. 

Your next compliance hurdle — avoiding reverse false claims

A new lawsuit could bring facilities some much needed clarity about how to avoid reverse false claims violations, a type of fraud that could open healthcare providers up to more penalties. 

Government intervenes in kickback lawsuit against Tenet and HMA

The gauntlet has been thrown down now that the government has intervened in a False Claims Act lawsuit against Tenet Healthcare Corp. and Health Management Associates, Inc. (HMA). 

Accused pay $30M to resolve alleged False Claims Act violations

The Justice Department recently announced that three contract therapy providers and their management company have agreed to pay $30 million to resolve claims that they violated the False Claims Act.

Malpractice suits: Lower your risk with honest and open communication

Do you know what patients report as the most important decision-making factor when they’re contemplating filing a lawsuit?

Victims of massive data breach sue healthcare group

Health data breaches can create a number of costs for hospitals. One of them: legal fees resulting from patient lawsuits. 

Dissatisfied docs sue EHR vendor

As more hospitals are adopting EHRs, many are finding that their doctors are dissatisfied with those systems. One group of doctors has a solution: 

Racial discrimination: Nurse sues hospital for granting father’s ‘no black nurses’ request

Healing patients and helping them return to their normal lives has always been a top priority for hospitals. What has climbed in importance, is improving patients’ hospital experiences by attending to their wants and needs. But when is a request too much? 

What health IT pros need to know about e-discovery

In addition to HIPAA rules and other laws, there’s a new compliance issue affecting health IT: electronic discovery regulations.