Healthcare News & Insights

Study: 36% of docs won’t report an incompetent colleague

Bad news for those who assumed impaired and incompetent physicians would be reported by their peers.

Study: Many chronic childhood illnesses resolve on their own

A new study indicates health care providers may want to rethink how they handle children with seemingly chronic conditions like asthma.

Same-day surgery centers offer a free side of sepsis

Same-day surgery centers provide more than just quick procedures — they can be a fast way to get an infection, too.

Hospital’s quality report cards fail to force improvements

Publicly airing data showing how well — or poorly — hospitals perform seems like it would spur even the high performing organizations to improve scores. But it doesn’t.

Oops! Stressed out docs make more mistakes

Fatigue isn’t the only thing that can lead docs and other staffers to make serious medical mistakes. Now you have to worry about their emotional well-being too.