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Joint Commission names 620 hospitals as top performers

The Joint Commission recently released its annual report and named 620 hospitals as Top Performers at using evidence-based care processes linked to positive patient outcomes.

Joint Commission warns against fatigue’s role in adverse events

Longer shifts aren’t just a pain for doctors and nurses — they’re putting patients at risk. 

Joint Commission warns: Suicide risk extends outside the ER and psych wards

A new Sentinel Event Alert from the Joint Commission warns health care providers that non-psychiatric patients are committing suicide in a variety of inpatient units.

Report: Hospital quality on the rise

Good news from the Joint Commission’s latest report on hospital quality: Significant gains were made across the board on key indicators of care quality.

Violence increasing in hospitals — what’s behind the rise?

There’s a new warning out about the increased violence taking place in hospitals and other medical facilities.

Violence on the rise at health care facilities

Hospitals and doctors’ offices are supposed to be places to heal — not to be attacked. But the Joint Commission warns that health care providers are seeing more violence at their facilities.

Quality measures show improvement

A new report from the Joint Commission shows that hospitals’ efforts to improve key quality scores are definitely working.

New questions about EHRs’ effectiveness

No doubt, many people are touting the value of moving toward EHRs. But for all that time, effort and money, how much of an effect do they really have on patient care?