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Study: Medical errors are 3rd most common cause of death

Thanks to a new study, hospitals are going to be scrutinized even more closely for patient outcomes. Here’s why: Research now shows that medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the United States. 

10 low-cost ways to boost patient satisfaction

Many hospitals are trying to boost their scores on patient satisfaction surveys. Instead of trying huge, sweeping improvement campaigns, keep this in mind: It’s the little things that matter – and that’s straight from the patient’s mouths. 

Patient satisfaction: High-performing hospitals share simple best practices

Just like any other business, hospitals are competing for customers. And the ones that seem to be coming out on top are those with a patient-centered care focus. So how do high-performing hospitals get that way? 

New apps help hospitals prepare for outbreaks, disasters

Hospitals now have three new tech tools to help prepare for cases of disease outbreak or disaster, thanks to Johns Hopkins.

Lost surgical consent forms cost hospitals big bucks

Guess what simple mistake costs your hospital $580,000 each year and can be easily rectified? 

Johns Hopkins is again No. 1 on U.S. News’ Best Hospitals List

Recently, we highlighted which children’s hospitals are the best, according to  U.S. News & World Report. Now find out which hospitals were awarded the honors of being included in US News‘ “America’s Best Hospitals” list.

Combo cleaning system highly effective at killing superbugs

Having cleaning products and procedures that would practically guarantee the eradication of multidrug-resistant organisms (MDROs), or so-called superbugs, is a dream of any hospital. Think about preventing the spread of these MDROs and how much money it would save your hospital.

Hospitals battle high rates of surgical ‘never events’

When it comes to “never events” during surgery, there’s plenty of room for improvement in hospital performance. According to a Johns Hopkins analysis of malpractice claims of hospitals from across the nation, preventable surgical mistakes are happening way too often.

Grant provides hospital with high-tech approach to patient care

Imagine if hospitals took an approach to patient care that mirrored all the automated safety precautions found in the manufacturing of modern automobiles, such as automated checklists. If Johns Hopkins has its way, this may soon be a reality.

Patient info stolen by Hopkins staffer, used for identity theft

Patient names, birth dates, social security numbers and other information was allegedly stolen by an employee and used to apply for ‘instant credit’ offers. Total damage done: $600k.