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EHR tool improved handoffs during shift changes

When shifts change for the day, detailed handoff conversations are essential to keeping patients safe and stable during the transition. They’re also helpful with avoiding errors and adverse events. Taking advantage of available health IT can make handoffs more streamlined, reducing the likelihood that important medical information will fall through the cracks. 

Study: Mobility in hospital critical to elderly patients’ recovery

Elderly patients who visit the hospital often end up in worse health when they’re discharged, which puts them at a higher risk of being readmitted within 30 days. But there are several ways for hospitals to prevent this from happening, including focusing on keeping patients moving throughout their hospital stay. 

DNR orders may negatively affect quality ratings

Nowadays, all hospitals are subject to ratings of their performance. And since the results of these evaluations are typically made public, facilities end up facing a lot of scrutiny. It may be warranted in some areas, but others may be unfairly making your hospital look bad – especially regarding mortality rates. 

Two studies found offering healthier meals, snacks impact patients’ health

Over the past few years, there’s been a push for hospitals to offer healthier food choices. And some hospitals are doing this by partnering with local farmers to get fresh produce and offering more vegetarian meal choices. But is a vegetarian diet really healthier? 

Functional impairments in Medicare patients linked to readmissions

You’re probably sick and tired of hearing about hospitals having to reduce readmission rates or be financially penalized. After all, your facility is doing everything it can, right? 

Short training sessions make a big difference in stopping doctor burnout

With just a few extra hours, hospitals can make significant progress in keeping their doctors from experiencing stress and burnout.

What role should hospitals play in curbing ‘futile’ treatments for critically ill patients?

When it comes to caring for critically ill patients, questions often arise, including one that’s inevitable: If the patient’s prognosis is poor, should hospitals recommend treatment be stopped?