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Keys to creating an effective mobile strategy at your hospital

As mobile technology becomes even more prevalent, your hospital will need to create clear strategies and written policies governing how it should be used within your facility and by your staff. If your organization doesn’t have anything set in stone, you may want to change that. 

3 steps to better resource management – and better organizational alignment

From electronic medical records to computer-assisted coding to clinical documentation solutions, technology has never played a larger role in patient care and healthcare operations, and that trend is sure to continue. In this guest post, Kevin Kern, CEO of a cloud portfolio management solutions provider, highlights effective IT resource management which promotes the notion the right people are […] [MORE]

Tech jobs driving improved health care employment numbers

Hiring in health care is picking up, particularly when it comes to tech-related jobs.

Top health care tech trends for 2012

Technology is moving faster than ever and health care organizations of all sizes are constantly adjusting to what’s new. Here are the top tech trends that’ll be changing how you do your job in 2012.

Congress calls for probe after insulin pump gets hacked

Here’s an IT security threat you probably never imagined you’d have to plan for: Hacked insulin pumps.

Meeting ‘meaningful use’ criteria will take an extra 50k bodies

Better get ready to ramp up hiring. Organizations wanting to meet the fed’s meaningful use goals are going to need more help. And a lot of it.

Report: Your security isn’t as tight as you think it is

A new survey indicates many health care organizations may have an inflated sense of how well protected their IT systems are.

Apple to release hot new tool/toy for health care pros

If you have any interest in gadgets, you’ve no doubt heard the rumors of a new Apple tablet computer. You may have one on your desk sooner than expected.

Hospital sued for sex discrimination over reformatted hard drive

Even routine IT maintenance can cause problems for companies who are asked to provide electronic records in legal cases or similar hearings.

Are you ready for the next hiring challenge?

Despite the scary headlines about the rising number of Americans who are out of work, health care execs may have some difficulty filling certain positions in the next few years.