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Report reveals why most Big Data projects fail

Big Data has been getting a lot of attention lately, especially in health care. However, a recent survey says many attempts to start Big Data projects fail before they’re completed. 

7 project management keys for health IT implementations

Health IT projects are often huge undertakings that can be easily derailed. Here are some project management steps providers can take during their next health IT implementation. 

The key to successful health IT projects? Put a doctor in charge

Having a well-run IT team is critical to the success of EHR adoption and other health IT projects. But it’s also important to have strong physician leadership guiding those initiatives, according to a recent study. 

5 factors that derail health IT implementations

IT can do a lot to boost healthcare organizations’ efficiency and improve patient care. But if mistakes are made during implementation, health IT can turn out to be dangerous. 

9 critical needs for successful IT projects

Implementing a health IT system is a big project that requires careful planning to avoid expensive mistakes. Here’s a list of best practices all organizations can use for their IT projects.