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Leveraging communication & collaboration in the cloud for health care

Patients today expect to use digital tools to enhance their interaction with healthcare providers and improve the quality of their care. In this guest post, Brendan Ziolo, head of large enterprise strategy at a multinational communications and information technology company, details what’s involved in creating a patient-centric digital workflow – technology foundation built on a strong network that […] [MORE]

2 IT areas most healthcare organizations need to improve

Health IT departments are busy implementing EHRs and other systems. But for that to be successful, they’ll have to tackle two other major challenges, as well. 

Survey: Hospital Wi-Fi networks need an upgrade

More clinicians and other staff members are beginning to use smartphones and tablets for their jobs. However, hospitals may need to spruce up their Wi-Fi infrastructures so mobile users can get the most out of those devices. 

Survey details the costs of an EHR implementation

When planning to implement an EHR system, organizations likely put a lot of thought into the cost of the system itself. But it’s also critical to plan for all of the extra costs associated with the installation. 

Report: Health organizations need IT upgrades

Healthcare organizations are implementing a lot of valuable technology – but they don’t always have the IT infrastructure in place to help caregivers get the most out of those systems.