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Residents don’t have much use for iPads

A lot has been written about the use of tablets in healthcare and how providers are beginning to use mobile devices for their work. But enthusiasm for popular tablets may not be as high as many observers think, even among younger professionals. 

Engaged patients = Faster recoveries, shorter hospital stays

Studies have shown that engaged patients — those who actively participate in their care — are more likely to achieve better outcomes.

Survey: Health IT pros see tablets as positive and threatening

Both doctors and health IT pros agree that tablets like Apple’s iPad can bring many benefits for health care providers. However, security concerns often keep those devices from being used. 

iPad Mini will be a hit in health care, survey says

Though Apple’s iPad Mini was just announced a few weeks ago, the device had been rumored to be in the works for months. And excitement for a smaller iPad had built up, especially among medical professionals. 

Hospital uses iPads to help patients manage inflammatory bowel diseases

Wouldn’t it be great if hospitals could find a way to treat and make some of their patients better via remote access, all while lowering healthcare costs? Well, the UCLA Center for Inflammatory Bowel Disease is doing just that.

Grant delivers iPads to improve patient safety and care

A foundation recently announced a large grant program aimed at helping hospitals use technology to protect patient safety and dignity. 

New clinical iPad app released as tablet use grows

A new iPad application from ADP joins the growing ranks of software designed for doctors to use tablets for accessing EHRs and performing other clinical functions. 

Tablets boost med students’ study time, test results

Do the iPad and other tablets have a place in healthcare? While the devices may not be common yet for certain functions, many doctors and other experts say tablets have a lot of benefits for the medical field. 

Tablets still not commonly used for many clinical tasks

Despite tablets’ popularity with doctors, desktop computers are still much more commonly used to view electronic health records (EHRs) and perform other clinical tasks. 

Survey: Docs’ tablet use doubled since last year

We’ve reported before on how common it’s becoming for doctors to use iPads and other tablet computers to access electronic medical records and complete other tasks. Now, a new survey says tablet use in healthcare is growing even faster than anticipated.