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Protect patients’ data from insider snooping

For healthcare providers, the biggest security threat is often the organization’s own employees. That’s what one Florida hospital recently learned. 

Survey: Employees steal data and don’t know they shouldn’t

Many data breaches in health care are caused by employees’ actions or negligence – and a new survey shows many workers are clueless about their organization’s security policies. 

Hospital employees fired for snooping

Many insider threats at health care organizations are employees who steal information to commit fraud or sell it to criminals. However, there’s another common type of insider theft that can get providers in serious HIPAA trouble: when employees let their curiosity get the better of them and view or copy information they aren’t authorized to access. 

Hospital employee sold 40 patients’ protected health information

Health information is valuable for cybercriminals, who can use it to commit identity theft, insurance fraud or other crimes. And often the source for that data is a healthcare provider’s employees. 

4 keys for effective HIPAA audits

As some recent data breaches have shown, healthcare providers don’t just have to worry about outside hackers and thieves that are trying to access patients’ protected health information – they also must make sure their own employees aren’t violating patients’ privacy. 

Top 3 causes of health data breaches – and how to avoid them

Protected health information is a valuable commodity for cybercriminals, and that means health IT pros must defend against a variety of attacks. What’s most often to blame for a health data breach? 

USB drives create new security risks for healthcare providers

USB thumb drives offer a convenient way to transport documents between offices or move data between work and home. But healthcare providers should take steps to minimize the security risks created by those portable drives. 

2 hospital employees stole, sold protected health information

Healthcare organizations face many security threats from outside hackers looking to steal valuable protected health information. But there may be insider threats to worry about, too. 

Former hospital employee stole and sold protected health information

In addition to outside hackers who attempt to break into healthcare organizations’ systems to steal protected health information, providers must also worry about their own staff members stealing and selling sensitive data. 

Employee stole data on 230,000 Medicaid recipients

Just a few weeks after a massive data breach affecting hundreds of thousands of people in Utah’s Medicaid system, a breach in another state’s Medicaid office has been discovered. Both incidents highlight the threats negligent and malicious employees can pose to patients’ data security.