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Hospital linens may contain bacteria & mold: Best laundry strategies

To maintain progress with reducing infection rates, hospitals must continue to improve on their disinfection and cleaning procedures. The linens found in hospital rooms are breeding grounds for germs and bacteria, as shown in recent studies. 

Surprising source of bacteria & infections in hospitals

A great deal of effort’s been put into making sure hospitals avoid spreading germs that cause deadly infections in patients. But some of the bacteria may not actually originate behind hospital walls, which could change how facilities approach infection prevention down the line. 

Hospital floors may contain dangerous bacteria

Infection prevention is critical for many hospitals. Your facility likely disinfects high-touch surfaces regularly to prevent the spread of germs that can sicken patients. But it’s also important to pay attention to another area of the hospital – the floor. Research shows it may be harboring more harmful bacteria than once thought. 

Prevent errors with 4 common types of hospital PPE

In the fight against infection prevention in hospitals, it’s critical to make sure staff are using their personal protective equipment (PPE) correctly. All the prevention strategies in the world won’t make any difference in infection rates if staff aren’t following basic protocol with their PPE. 

Copper kills bacteria in hospital rooms

There’s new evidence of the germ-fighting power of copper surfaces in hospitals. And it may present a compelling argument for your facility to start using copper-based products in patient rooms. 

New paint could stop spread of infections

When looking to prevent the spread of germs in hospitals, executives must look at all options available to disinfect facilities. If a new product delivers on its promise, one might be as simple as putting a fresh coat of paint on hospital walls. 

A different way to stop C. diff in your hospital

Does your facility dispose of its sharps with a reusable container? If so, this practice could actually be increasing your patients’ risk of contracting C. diff. According to new research, single-use containers may be the way to go. 

CRE infections rising: What hospital execs can do to stop them

Deadly antibiotic-resistant infections are on the rise in hospitals throughout the country, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is asking for vigilance from healthcare professionals at all levels to stop these outbreaks in their tracks.