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Don’t let ICD-10 impede your cash flow: 4 steps to take now

Want to hear something scary? Of 55,000 physicians at 1,200 practices, only 4.8% reported significant progress in overall ICD-10 readiness. The good news for you is that hospitals reported a higher level of readiness, however, many are still lagging behind. 

Health IT issues that have hospital executives on edge

Modern Healthcare polled 252 healthcare executives between Nov. 13, 2013 and Jan. 20, 2014 for its 24th annual survey of key health IT issues. What are executives most concerned about right now? 

ICD-10 deadline less than a year away: 3 steps to take now

With less than a year remaining before the deadline to switch to ICD-10 codes, more than half of providers still haven’t started working on the transition. 

Report: Hospitals, vendors lag in adopting ICD-10 codes

With just a year and a half remaining until the deadline to switch to ICD-10 codes, many providers are struggling to get ready for the transition and have yet to take many key steps to prepare. 

Health IT skills shortage threatening important projects

Many hospitals are concerned about finding qualified job applicants with the right health IT skills. Here’s how they’re changing their recruiting approaches to land top talent. 

Providers still struggling to meet ICD-10 deadline

With the deadline now less than two years away, healthcare organizations are struggling to move to ICD-10 codes, and many are reassessing their transition strategies, according to a new report. 

The top 10 health IT stories of 2012

The top health IT news of 2012 revolved around EHRs, ICD-10 codes and data security. These were the most popular stories on Healthcare Tech Review over the past year: 

ICD-10 readiness: 6 questions to ask EHR vendors

With the deadline now less than two years away, health care providers need to start preparing for the transition to ICD-10 codes. One part of that preparation: Making sure EHR vendors are ready. 

Practices worried about looming ICD-10 transition, survey says

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recently finalized a one-year delay of the deadline for switching to the new ICD-10 coding system. And many practices still have a long way to go to be ready, a recent survey says. 

ICD-10 deadline moved: Feds finalize one-year delay

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has officially moved the deadline for ICD-10 compliance to October 2014.