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Latest on mobile use in hospitals

Nowadays, mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones are being used in almost every setting. And that’s especially true in health care. Hospital staff members in all positions are using mobile technology in their facilities, and that’s not likely to change any time soon. 

Unusual technology used for hospital pain management

Because of the growing opioid epidemic in the country, hospitals are being tasked to find unique ways to relieve patients’ pain, instead of relying on drugs. While some facilities are focusing on nonopioid painkillers and physical therapy for pain relief, others are looking to an alternate reality. 

Hospitals make strides with patient-centered technology

Hospitals are being called upon to make care more patient-centered so patients can take an active role in their care and recovery. As part of that philosophy, facilities have been asked to improve patients’ access to their electronic medical records. In a short time, they’ve come a long way toward meeting this goal. 

Pokemon Go causes problems for hospitals: How to respond

Many advances in mobile technology, such as personal health tracking apps and wearable devices, can positively affect hospitals in terms of improving patient care. But other developments can create hassles. Pokemon Go, a new mobile game that’s currently taking the country by storm, is having an unexpected impact on daily operations for some hospitals. 

Magnet award gives hospitals’ nursing programs a boost

Improving nursing care is a top priority for most hospitals. Meeting the standards set by the Magnet nursing distinction is one way to make your facility stand out from the pack. 

Family caregivers key in new discharge guidelines

As dictated by the feds, hospitals have to improve their discharge process this year. And there’s one aspect involved with discharging patients that’s getting a lot of attention right now: actively engaging a patient’s family caregiver in the person’s recovery. 

Hospitals struggle with mobile apps: How to fix it

To keep up with a tech-savvy population, many hospitals have created apps for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. But according to a new report, these apps aren’t doing everything they should to meet patients’ demands and needs. 

Benefits of e-prescribing for hospitals

Many hospitals have switched to using e-prescribing for patient medications. If your hospital hasn’t gotten on board, this may be the time to change your prescribing practices. 

Evidence-based practice centers can help hospitals

Research has shown that evidence-based care strategies can improve quality and patient outcomes. But putting them into practice without any guidance can be tricky. That’s where evidence-based practice centers come in. 

Why hospitals need social media, online presence

Potential and current patients are increasingly using websites and social media as a starting point for gathering information about your providers and hospital.