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Keys to improving patient experience

Giving patients a quality experience when they come to your facility will take help from your entire staff — and even your technology. 

How your CIOs can handle IT staffing shortages

Due to a widespread staffing shortage, a lot of hospital CIOs are concentrating their energy on hiring and retaining top IT talent. Here’s what’s working for other CIOs. 

Stop workplace bullying in hospitals

Do you know if your hospital has a problem with workplace bullying among staff? If you think not, you may be surprised, given the results of a recent survey.

The future of hospital staffing: Who will you need to hire?

A major concern for hospitals going forward is staffing. In the face of changing dynamics in the U.S. brought on by healthcare reform, the types of professionals employed by hospitals – and the skillsets they possess – need to adapt to meet these challenges.

Survey: Fatigue, burnout at high levels among healthcare pros

The results of a new survey of healthcare professionals indicate that it’s important for hospitals to address the issue of staff burnout and fatigue.