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Hospitals create spaces for family caregivers

Hospitals not only need to provide a healing environment for patients, but they also must give proper support to family caregivers. Caregivers play a significant role in a patient’s recovery, and if they don’t have the information and support they need, outcomes may not be favorable. 

CMS: Most hospitals getting penalized, spending more

For yet another year, roughly half of the country’s hospitals will have their bottom lines hurt because they couldn’t prevent enough readmissions. 

Keys to preventing readmissions after surgery

New research attempts to shed light on the most common reasons patients are readmitted post-surgery, and how hospitals can nip the issue in the bud. 

How communities affect readmissions & what hospitals can do

In the quest to reduce readmissions, hospitals are well aware there are many factors outside their control, such as finances and access to follow-up care, causing patients to return to the hospital. A new study supports that belief, but offers help. 

3 steps could improve outcomes of hospital heart attacks

Heart attacks are one of the conditions on Medicare’s hit list for hospitals – so preventing complications should be a top priority.

3 unique ways to prevent readmissions

Hospitals must start thinking differently if they want to prevent patient readmissions and avoid the financial penalties that ensue.

Paramedics could help hospitals reduce readmissions: Here’s how

Hospitals are getting some unlikely partners in the fight to keep readmissions low: paramedics.

Thousands of hospitals receive fines from CMS for high readmission rates

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has just released the data for this year’s hospital readmission prevention program – and it looks like many more hospitals will be receiving fines.

Prevent hospital readmissions in patients discharged to SNFs

Hospital patients aren’t always discharged to their homes. This is particularly true for older patients, who may be sent to skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) after a hospital stay. But these patients have a fairly high risk of being readmitted to the hospital.

Lawmakers turn-up pressure on CMS to reform HRRP

Federal regulators are being squeezed by Washington lawmakers to fix an Obamacare program that they say may be unfair to low-income patients and the safety-net hospitals that serve them.