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Is your hospital board aware of these 4 leadership “blind spots”?

Hospital boards must make sure they’ve got a clear view of the big picture affecting their facilities, not just the financials. Board members may not be fully aware of some crucial areas that make a big difference for a hospital’s success – and they need more knowledge of these topics. 

4 big areas your hospital board must focus on this year

There are many issues that affect a hospital’s operations. But which ones should be top of mind for your hospital’s board this year? To prime your hospital for success in 2016 and beyond, it’s important to pinpoint the areas your board should prioritize now. 

Hospital boards need to make decisions about quality

Typically, a hospital’s board of directors works behind the scenes, directing management and financial decisions, while leaving patient care to clinicians. But now, it’s important for boards to take a more active role when it comes to quality care.

5 areas hospital boards need to watch for future success

Many hospital CEOs are under a lot of pressure to improve care, health information security and reduce spending. But there are ways a hospital’s board of directors can support their CEOs efforts.