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Sinks may spread bacteria in hospitals

Proper hand hygiene is critical to stopping the spread of hospital-acquired infections. To promote hand washing, some hospitals may install extra sinks for the convenience of clinical staff. However, in some cases, sinks may actually spread infectious bacteria throughout hospitals. 

CMS updates rules for Medicare, Medicaid participation: 3 highlights

There are several new changes coming from the feds that’ll affect your facility. A proposed rule from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) will update several requirements that hospitals must follow to participate in Medicare and Medicaid. 

5 strategies for hospitals to prevent medical errors

Medical errors in hospitals have become all too common nowadays. And although it can be tough to prevent them, it’s possible in many cases, especially if hospitals are willing to take various approaches to solving the problem. 

Hospitals need to lower their C. diff rates: Here’s how

The battle against hospital-acquired infections rages on. While rates for some infections are down, hospitals need to do a better job of keeping patients from contracting others – particularly C. diff. 

2 unique ways to stop spread of hospital infections

To effectively fight hospital-acquired infections, facilities need to have several different approaches in their arsenal, including some that may not immediately come to mind when evaluating an infection-control program. 

Effective cleaning strategies for hospitals

Is your hospital doing everything it can to prevent the spread of infections with its cleaning methods? New research sheds some light on the effectiveness of common cleaning techniques – and how hospitals can improve their protocols. 

Infections: Where hospitals stand right now

Good news! The rates of several types of hospital acquired infections (HAIs) have dropped significantly, according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), which looks at hospital infection rates from 2013.

Why infection prevention programs are worthwhile

Establishing a dedicated infection prevention program in your hospital is likely more cost-effective than you think – and it’ll have a big impact on saving patients’ lives, according to the results of a new study.

What hospitals can learn from new HAI penalties

About 700 facilities are getting hit with penalties from the government for not doing enough to cut down on medical errors. And it doesn’t look like the heat will be dying down any time soon. 

Are these hidden HAI risks hurting your patients’ safety?

Many hospitals aren’t taking the correct precautions to protect patients from a common infection risk from hospital staff.