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Secure portal in health care

One of the most advanced technologies in health care is the development of the patient portal. In this guest post, Dean Wiech, managing director of a global provider of access management and governance solutions, reviews the history and function of patient portals, and steps hospitals can take to protect them. 

Need to conduct a security risk assessment? There’s an app for that

For healthcare organizations, an important step in staying secure and compliant with privacy regulations is knowing exactly what risks the organization’s data might face. 

Keep patients after a data breach: 5 notification keys

When healthcare organizations are hit with data breaches, they face not only tangible costs like legal fees, but also other consequences that are more difficult to measure, such as damage to the organization’s reputation and lost patients. That’s why it’s critical to properly respond after a breach. 

Hard drive theft leads to $1.5 million fine for privacy violations

The first enforcement action involving the HITECH Act’s data breach notification rule has lead to a big settlement to be paid by an insurance company. 

Most providers aren’t ready for HIPAA audits

The federal government has begun auditing healthcare organizations to find HIPAA violations – however, a new survey shows most providers aren’t ready.