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Trouble with recruitment? Try these strategies to attract new hires

You’ve heard all about the shortage of medical professionals, and your hospital may have even seen it in action. Hiring and recruitment are more difficult than ever, and that doesn’t seem to be changing soon. 

Hospitals face hiring issues: How to respond

If it’s been harder for you to find quality staff at your hospital for all levels, whether it’s fellow executives or front-line nursing staff, you’re not alone. Hospitals are currently experiencing high levels of turnover. That, combined with a smaller talent pool, has made hiring difficult. 

4 strategies to hire the best health IT pros

There’s a lot of focus placed on recruiting and retaining doctors and nurses in hospitals. But it’s just as important to attract the right kinds of professionals in other areas as well – particularly in your facility’s IT department. 

What hospitals must consider when hiring doctors

Hospitals are directly employing more physicians than ever before. And while this may be helpful for patient outcomes in many ways, hospital executives need to keep several details in mind when making these arrangements with doctors. 

Hospitals ban workers from smoking

Inspired by a commitment toward health, many hospitals have policies stating their campuses are smoke-free. Staff, patients and their families are forbidden from smoking on hospital grounds. Some have taken this further, though – and there’s a serious debate over whether it’s fair. 

Hospitals looking to fill new seats at executive roundtable

Who said it was lonely at the top? As pay-for-performance measures begin to impact the bottom line, there’s standing room only these days in hospital C-suites. 

6 ways to attract top IT security pros to your hospital

As more health data becomes digital, IT security is becoming increasingly important for hospitals. One key tool for protecting data: having a staff with the right cyber security expertise. 

Health IT skills shortage threatening important projects

Many hospitals are concerned about finding qualified job applicants with the right health IT skills. Here’s how they’re changing their recruiting approaches to land top talent. 

3 ways to overcome understaffing and keep patient data secure

As more patient information goes digital, healthcare providers need to focus more on IT security. But there’s one big obstacle in the way: understaffing in the IT department. 

5 common health IT hiring mistakes providers must avoid

Organizations are currently seeing a shortage of health IT talent, and hospitals can’t afford to make these common IT hiring mistakes.