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Understanding the HIPAA conduit exception rule

In January 2013, the “conduit exception” rule was defined as part of the HIPAA Omnibus Final Rule, which set new requirements for business associates (BA). It continues, however, to cause confusion for hospitals that may be signing up providers who manage their protected health information (PHI), but aren’t fully HIPAA compliant. In this guest post, […] [MORE]

Report: Hospitals need better IT security protocol

Much has been said about putting appropriate network safeguards into place to prevent breaches of patients’ protected health information (PHI). According to a new report, not enough hospitals are following best IT security practices to manage employees’ access to this data. 

4 HIPAA compliance areas your BAs must check

It finally looks like the feds are starting up the next phase of HIPAA audits — but there’s still time to ensure your business associates (BAs) are staying compliant. 

Your next breach risk could be your email

The feds have released guidance to providers on how to protect patient data — but a recent breach shows why training staff may be the most crucial step. 

Get ready: Breaches and HIPAA fines are increasing

Prepare for a perfect storm — data breaches are on the rise and so are the costs of HIPAA violations. 

How contracts can help ensure partners’ HIPAA compliance

Like it or not, your hospital is being held accountable for more than just its own cybersecurity. And how your business associates (BAs) handle cybersecurity could come back to haunt your facility. 

What’s the OCR planning for hospitals in 2015?

Finally, some good news for hospitals worried about new HIPAA audits and enforcement from the Department of Health and Human Services. 

Updated rules for hospitals and same-sex marriage

There’s new guidance from the feds concerning spouses’ rights for hospital patients in same-sex marriages.

How hospitals can best leverage social media

Social media is changing how patients interact and perceive their hospitals and physicians, but it isn’t all good news for your facility — there are serious risks involved with these online tools. 

Ensuring HIPAA compliance with hospitals’ BAs

Securing protected health information (PHI) remains a top priority for facilities covered by HIPAA’s security rule, but their business associates (BAs) may not be on the same page.