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Patients concerned about the privacy of HIE data

Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) will likely face several obstacles before they’re widely adopted and begin to improve care and cut costs – including concerns from patients about the privacy of their data. 

Study: At-risk teens want online access to health records

We recently reported on the increasing demand patients have to access medical records and other information online. Though previous surveys have targeted adult patients, there’s another demographic that wants the same access. 

Massachusetts launches state health information exchange

While healthcare providers still struggle with some of the challenges of exchanging patients’ health information, Massachusetts has launched a system officials say is a first step toward a statewide health information exchange (HIE). 

Survey: Many hospitals haven’t done an HIE readiness assessment

Healthcare organizations recognize the importance of exchanging patient data to improve care. But a new survey says many providers aren’t ready to implement health information exchanges (HIEs). 

Survey: Doctors see benefits and challenges of HIEs

Health information exchanges (HIEs) are one way health IT can help improve care and reduce healthcare costs. However, there are some significant barriers to HIE participation. 

Study: Patients worried about privacy of HIEs

Many healthcare providers are using health information exchanges to share data between organizations and improve overall care. But how do patients feel about their data being stored in an HIE? 

Study: Health information exchange cut unnecessary imaging

A controversial study earlier this year claimed that electronic health record systems could add to healthcare costs by leading doctors to order more tests for patients. Now, a different study has shown that expensive testing may be reduced when hospitals share health information electronically. 

Feds announce plans to push health information exchange adoption

Healthcare organizations trying to participate in health information exchanges may soon get assistance from the federal government. 

Study: HIEs cut down on expensive lab tests

A recent study got a lot of press after reporting that electronic health record (EHR) systems caused doctors to order more expensive lab tests. In response, another study has been published showing opposite results. 

Survey: Cost, interoperability challenges remain for health IT

Use of health IT is rapidly increasing among hospitals. But many organizations aren’t getting the most out of their tech investments just yet.