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Hepatitis C outbreak: NH Hospital won’t lose government funding

Exeter Hospital in New Hampshire just received some really good news: It won’t lose its Medicare and Medicaid funding, which were in jeopardy due to the recent hepatitis C outbreak at the facility. While most of the publicity from the outbreak was focused on David Kwiatkowski, the alleged hepatitis C “serial infector” the hospital got […] [MORE]

Hepatitis C outbreak: Former hospital worker indicted

David Kwiatkowski, the man known as the “serial infector,” was indicted by a federal grand jury on seven counts of tampering with a consumer product and seven counts of illegally obtaining drugs. His trial is scheduled for February, but will likely be delayed due to the complexity of the case.

Hepatitis C outbreak update: Hospital blamed for poor drug security, dirty equipment

David Kwiatkowski, the alleged hepatitis C “serial infector” has been in the media spotlight since he was charged with federal drug crimes. But now the facility that employed him as a lab technician is diverting some of that attention to itself, and not in a good way. 

Traveling hospital tech accused of causing hepatitis C outbreak

If you’re in the hospital industry, then it’s likely you’re familiar with the name David Kwiatkowski. 

Avoid one hospital’s hepatitis C nightmare

The suspected negligent actions of one employee have landed an entire hospital under fire.

Radiologist infects three patients with Hep C

The Mayo Clinic in Florida has fired a licensed radiology technician after he confessed to taking drugs intended for patients.

Improper equipment cleaning exposes 1,800 veterans to disease

HIV and hepatitis are just some of the diseases that may have been passed on to several hundred ex-soldiers by unclean dental equipment.

Med students used single-use needle on multiple patients

It doesn’t seem as if you need to be highly trained to know that re-using a single-use blood testing device is a bad idea. But these students thought it was A-Ok.