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3 innovative strategies one hospital uses to maximize revenue

Hospitals looking to survive and thrive nowadays can’t just replicate the business models they’ve been using. It’ll take more effort to do well in the age of healthcare reform. One hospital, known around the globe for its excellence in pediatric medicine, is following an innovative path to generate revenue, with much success.

Vital lessons hospitals can learn from the newspaper industry

The landscape of healthcare is changing, and hospital leaders must keep up with the times. And there’s a surprising model hospitals can learn from: the newspaper industry.

Supreme Court upholds healthcare reform: What it means for health IT

After a long wait, the Supreme Court’s verdict is in: The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is constitutional. 

Supreme Court hearings create new uncertainty for health IT

As if the shifting deadline for the ICD-10 transition and complex meaningful use rules weren’t enough, now the recent Supreme Court hearings on healthcare reform are creating even more uncertainty about the future of health IT.