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Anthem’s $16M data breach: What your hospital can learn

You may remember hearing about a major data breach from Anthem in 2015, where the protected health information (PHI) of nearly 79 million patients was stolen in a cyberattack on the payor’s systems. 

How to creatively address the healthcare IT staffing shortage

Keeping good, qualified IT people is hard in today’s healthcare environment. But it’s extremely important for the success of any hospital. In this guest post, Gary Palgon, VP of healthcare and life sciences solutions at a company that provides integration and data management solutions, offers creative strategies for addressing the healthcare IT staffing shortage.

Areas to watch when using cloud technology in your hospital

Many hospitals have at least a partially cloud-based IT system, and the benefits are numerous. You have less hardware to deal with, which means less time wasted waiting for new parts, and data is typically more secure and harder to steal. 

How Millennials will change healthcare IT

Millennials want the same seamless digital experience in health care that they have in other aspects of their lives. At the same time, having grown up in an online world, they’re keenly aware of privacy risks. They ardently want healthcare providers to increase protection of their personal health information (PHI) and what they see as […] [MORE]

Make your hospital’s next technology upgrade more successful

Whether it’s implementing a new electronic health records (EHR) system or upgrading computer equipment, most hospitals have experienced some kind of technology-related transition in recent years. With changes to federal health initiatives that encourage the meaningful use of EHRs and other health IT, these transitions will continue as hospitals work to keep up with new requirements. 

Health IT pros are stressed: Ways to help

Recently, there’s been much attention given to burnout among doctors and nurses, but another group of hospital professionals may also be experiencing high levels of stress: your IT staff. Judging by the results of a new survey, healthcare IT professionals may be the next group of burned-out workers in your hospital. 

Health IT goals your hospital must meet

Do you know what IT improvements your hospital needs to make down the line? The feds just released a list of health IT goals that’ll help hospitals guide any future changes.

New apps help hospitals prepare for outbreaks, disasters

Hospitals now have three new tech tools to help prepare for cases of disease outbreak or disaster, thanks to Johns Hopkins.