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4 strategies to hire the best health IT pros

There’s a lot of focus placed on recruiting and retaining doctors and nurses in hospitals. But it’s just as important to attract the right kinds of professionals in other areas as well – particularly in your facility’s IT department. 

3 steps to make your EHR more user-friendly

Making electronic health records (EHR) systems more user-friendly for physicians has been a significant challenge for many facilities. But it’s an issue that your hospital needs to address directly. 

What payors and patients want from new health IT

As the healthcare industry continues to see a boom in new technology, providers aren’t the only ones looking to use new health IT. Now patients and payors are embracing it, too. 

Improve your hospital’s health IT adoption

Healthcare leaders who are finding it hard to adopt and integrate new technology need to examine different strategies to manage the task. 

How hospitals can avoid the dangers of new health IT

Hospital leaders are being pushed to integrate health IT to improve their operations and quality of care. But many facilities make this simple mistake which could lead to big consequences — never testing the technology first. 

3 mobile health trends your hospital should look into

More hospitals are looking at mobile health technology to improve their operations and get patients involved with their health care. Here’s what you need to know about the latest trends in mobile health (mHealth) technology. 

Why patient-centered health IT is crucial for hospitals

Hospitals and healthcare systems need to take greater strides toward making health IT more patient-centered, according to a government agency.

Are computers better at treating patients than doctors?

Healthcare providers are using more health IT, and not just to organize records but also to help doctors make diagnoses and determine treatment plans. And a new study says doctors could benefit from using technology even more. 

Healthcare IT trends to expect in 2013

With changes to compliance rules and federal incentive programs, new mobile developments, and other significant changes, here are three healthcare IT trends for the new year. 

IT investments not paying off quickly for health care, report says

A lot of private and public money is being put into in EHRs and other health IT systems. But a new report says those investments aren’t saving health care as much as was expected.