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Questions you need to ask vendors about cloud technology

More hospitals are using cloud technology to improve their operations. But before you have your facility start uploading data to the cloud, make sure you ask these questions first. 

6 keys for getter a better deal in health IT vendor negotiations

Healthcare providers are under pressure to cut costs. One of the areas where they might find some wiggle room: in their contracts for IT products and services. 

Dissatisfied docs sue EHR vendor

As more hospitals are adopting EHRs, many are finding that their doctors are dissatisfied with those systems. One group of doctors has a solution: 

Report: Hospitals, vendors lag in adopting ICD-10 codes

With just a year and a half remaining until the deadline to switch to ICD-10 codes, many providers are struggling to get ready for the transition and have yet to take many key steps to prepare. 

Top 3 complaints about health IT companies

Dealing with software vendors can sometimes be an unpleasant experience. Here are the top complaints providers have about health IT companies: 

Vendors’ outage leaves dozens of hospitals without access to EHRs

In addition to security concerns, when healthcare organizations turn to cloud computing services for electronic health records and other critical IT components, they may also be at risk for other problems, such as downtime. That’s what several hospitals around the country recently learned after losing access to their EHRs. 

7 questions to ask cloud computing vendors

Like in other industries, many healthcare organizations are turning to cloud computing for some of their IT services. But the Cloud can increase security risks, especially in health care, so due diligence when choosing vendors is imperative. 

U.S. to double American exports, including Health IT

The U.S. government’s National Exports Initiative aims to double American exports within the next five years – including Health IT. The move could lead to growth in the health IT industry and help improve an already strong job market for health IT professionals.