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Preventing medical identity theft: How doctors can help

Medical information is one of the most coveted pieces of data for cybercriminals, because medical identity theft is so lucrative. However, many patients aren’t familiar with the threat and aren’t taking steps to prevent it. 

IT error leads to $31.8 million lawsuit against hospital

A class action lawsuit was recently filed against St. Joseph Health System of Orange, CA, after an IT error allowed private medical information about 31,800 patients to be searchable by the public online. 

Report: Cost of protecting patient data on the rise

We reported recently on the increasing costs of health data breaches. Now, a new report says organizations will have to spend more to keep health data safe. 

Data breach costs drop – but not in health care

A recent study on data breaches says firms are getting better at handling security incidents. Unfortunately, healthcare organizations seem to be behind the curve. 

Who’s liable after patient data is breached?

Healthcare organizations can face many consequences if information is lost or stolen, including lawsuits from patients. When are organizations held liable after a data breach? 

Dealing with a health data breach: 5 lessons learned firsthand

Health data breaches are on the rise, and organizations must not only take greater steps to protect patients’ information, but they also must be prepared to respond if an incident does occur. Here are some lessons learned by an organization that was recently the victim of a health data breach. 

Stolen medical records one of the most lucrative forms of ID theft

Breaches of patient health data are on the rise, and they’re not likely to slow down, as reports show health information is one of the most lucrative types of data for cybercriminals to steal.

Most providers use mobile devices, but many don’t secure them

Healthcare providers are starting to get more use out of mobile devices to help them better care for patients – unfortunately, policies and procedures to protect health information on those devices haven’t kept up.

The biggest cause of health information data breaches

Security breaches of health information are becoming more common, and more expensive for facilities to handle. What’s behind the recent increases in security incidents at healthcare organizations?