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Can HIEs reduce unnecessary spending, preventable admissions?

How much have preventable admissions cost your organization? And is there any way to cut down on unnecessary spending? 

Direct messaging benefits beat its cost, but not on Facebook

With technology connecting people everywhere at all hours, hospitals are beginning to take advantage and use those tools to connect with partners and patients — and improve care. 

How other hospitals achieve interoperability without breaking the bank

In today’s industry, sharing accurate clinical information is a vital part of keeping patient outcomes positive. So how are other providers closing information gaps? 

Private health information exchanges: Answer to interoperability woes?

Finding ways to improve interoperability is becoming a huge issue for hospital execs. As a result, more leaders are looking to private health information exchanges (HIEs) as a solution. 

Report: US doctors lag behind in health IT

Though use of EHRs and other technology has increased, US doctors are still behind those in many other countries when it comes to health IT adoption. 

Massachusetts launches state health information exchange

While healthcare providers still struggle with some of the challenges of exchanging patients’ health information, Massachusetts has launched a system officials say is a first step toward a statewide health information exchange (HIE). 

State governments plan 2012 health IT agenda

Health IT will be an important legislative issue in 2012, according to a recent announcement by the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL).