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4 strategies for hospitals to meet the needs of Millennials

Millennials are overtaking baby boomers as the largest living generation in the country. And many of them are at an age where they’re the primary decision makers about their own health care, or the health care of young children. Because of this, it’s critical for hospitals to start considering Millennials’ preferences and needs. 

5 rules hospital decision makers must follow

Hospitals that want to have the most success in the new healthcare climate need leaders with a long-term view of their operations. This view is critical for healthcare executives to make informed decisions that’ll ensure their facilities’ success. 

3 keys to attracting millennial patients

Millennials are shaping up to be significant healthcare consumers, so hospitals that want their business need to be prepared to address their unique needs.

Study: Hospitals serving poor, older patients have higher readmissions rates

If your hospital serves a large proportion of poor, older patients, you may be unfairly targeted by new readmissions penalties.

CMS bestows first Healthcare Innovation Awards

Twenty-six organizations received the honor of being the first granted with the Healthcare Innovation Awards. Check out what these groups did to win a total of $122.6 million.